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[19 Jul 2004|03:05am]
[ mood | crazy ]

so babysitting has been entertaining. Mr. Leech's son Ryan is adorable and isn't hard to take care of for a few hours. Driver's Ed has been good too. Things are well!
In other news, Ryan is still the best bf in the world and I love him times infinity.

ahem, anyway.

This week is 40% off week at pacsun. I got my paycheck Friday and paid for babysitting, so I got jeans, a bag, 4 tshirts, and new DC sneakers b/c my vans are like dying. I also got a neon purple wallet and a neon green shell necklace at Loman's and a gawdy ring from Forever 21.

Ryan and I stayed at the mall till closing after shopping and his haircut, and we hitched a ride with Stacey to Milke Blimpie's house. We get there and there are cars parked on the ENTIRE block, we parked like 3 houses down and you could hear the music loud and clear, we get to the back and there are people everywhere. I SAW EDDIE my greeting partner from work. I haven't seen him in months, and he was trashed and shocked to learn of Ryan and my relationship.

So there were some chairs in a circle-type formation, and Ryan and I sit in two, and then Patrick, Stacey, Anthony, Mike Reuter, and Andrew sit in the others. WE HAD A LITTLE PACSUN POW-WOW. Mike B came over and was talking to us, and then Eddie came over and was like WHOAA PACSUN CIRCLE and it was pretty funny. Ryan and I drank a little, I had a nice buxx for myself, and he smoked a little too. It was a pretty fun night.

I cheated on my diet so I'm starting over. Well I didn't cheat, I just didn't write anything down because I'm lazy.

SATURDAY morning Ryan and I went to the beach. He got burnt :( but I got a nice tan, though I'm not dark at all. I have a tan line which is an improvement. I'll just have to go back w/ him soon. My hair got lighter too. <3 Sun-In. Which reminds me, I need more.

friday night Ryan and I went to Kaitlyn's with Alan and Maura and we toked up a little. Watched I love the 90's, ate dominos, and listened to rap while alan danced. roflmfao.

I want a lot more clothes. Some I can get for "back to school" maybe, if that excuse still works now that I'm working.

I decided to get a gamecube and games and gameboy advance games with the $500 and then keep the leftovers if there are any which hopefully there will be.

i am feeling greedy.
i am going to buy ryan a zip-up sweatshirt and a tshirt hopefully this week. :x
i need to develop my pictures.

i can't wait to drive.

i love adult swim.

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[ mood | content ]

Since my last real update, I don't remember what I did. umm

Ryan came over on Friday, the 2nd. It was our 6-month anniversary. eeee Before that I hung out at Joe and Whitney's and omg their room is awesome sjkghsgjksdhg. it was good times, rofl. no you don't have the hiv.

Saturday I had to work at night but this girl wanted me to work for her so I said k and worked in the day, so that was better, Ryan and I hung out that night but I forget if we hung out w/ anyone or not.

Sunday was 4th of July, and I hadda work. I only worked till 5, with the two Mikes, who are awesome. I then went to Ryan's sister Stacey's house for a bbq, and Ryan, his brother Mike, his sister-in-law Nicole, and his other brother Brendan and I left and went to a carnival in Port Jeff. Ryan won me a stuffed blue bear and we watched fireworks. He came back to my house and we hung out and it was a great night<3

umm Monday I don't remember.

Tuesday I started driver's ed. joy. It's not that bad, the kids in my car are cool. We drive around like, Dix Hills and kinda near Commack on some days. It's strange, seeing the Bonwitt Inn and shopping centers, and places I haven't been to in almost two years.

Wednesday I did driver's ed then hung out with Kaitlyn and Maura. We went to Genovese, Friendly's, and then played DDR at kaitlyn's.

Thursday I did driver's ed and I don't think I did anything that night.

Yesterday I had NOTHING and then Ryan came over and then we got food then we hung out more and then went to Sean's to attempt Ouija but we failed because we can't concentrate. Or the spirits were out cuz i mean IT WAS A FRIDAY NIGHT. then we watched porn. ridiculous porn. then Ryan and I went home

HERE I AM. I gots workie and then I'm gonna buy some things then hang out w/ ryan.
tomorrow is work. 11-6:30

who knows what's in store for this week

besides driver's ed
and babysitting

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oh yes. [09 Jul 2004|04:48am]
[ mood | anxious ]

okay so I finally got my fucking report card. and I think I deserve brownie points for it.

4th Quarter grades:
AP US-89
AP Bio-90
Criminal Justice-81 (how..?)

And, yes, I totally pwned the US History Regents. 98.
Math too. 93.

MY FINAL AVERAGE FOR US HISTORY. 82. woot yeah lookin sharp for my transcript. haha.

my weighted average for the quarter was 95 and change, unweighted was 92 and change.


so I want a few things. still. but they're expensive
I figure, between babysitting and work, I can cover this.

+Samsung Compact MiniDV Camcorder - $350
+Yamaha Portable Grand Keyboard - $200
+Ipod Mini (4 GB) in blue - $250

I'm getting $500 to spend, I might spring for the digital camcorder.. even though I have one already, maybe I can sell it? I'm gonna talk to my dad. I feel bad; he bought it for me for christmas of 2002. :\

oh yeah I should go to sleep.


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be prepared, this is long and way overdue [30 Jun 2004|03:15pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so the past few days-weeks have been action-packed. or something along those lines.

The English final was easy. I got there 10 minutes late, though. After that I hung out with Kaitlyn, Maura, and Sarah. We drove, got ice cream, then went in Kaitlyn's pool.

The US History regents was even easier. Afterwards, I got food with Bart, Jim, Bonnie, Sean, Alan, David, Whitney, and Lauren. Then Jim, Bart, Sean, Alan, and myself went to Looney Tunes. I got the Funeral for a Friend CD, and Bailey's gift. Then Bart and I went into Joann's and I got beads. Bailey's birthday was fun. I met Dina who is hysterical and we're going to have magical princess bunnies named pinky and such. Ryan got to meet Jesse, hoo boy. It was also the last time I got to see John Anthony before he left for the marines. He gave Ryan a deck. yay skateboards.

last weekend, on Friday I went to the math review, then hung out with Jim and David. Then we eventually went to Sean's, then Alan and Bonnie came over. Jim and Sean played basketball against Alan and David. Then Alan and David left, and the four of us went out, and we smoked. it was fun. :)

Saturday, Ryan and I hung out. We got food, candy, and hung out here. I think we played Mario UNO too.

Sunday (when I updated but didn't say anything substantial) I worked. yay monies! Kaitlyn, Alan, and Pat came over and we played more DDR yay!

the math regents was easy. I probably got in the 90s. :D I love math.

I don't remember what I did last week. umm. on one day I hung out with Kaitlyn and we went to Gino's and then came back to my apartment and played some DDR. I think that was Monday. After the math regents I was supposed to work but they said I didn't have to. Thursday was Niti's sweet sixteen. I got a candle which was awesome. We've been friends since we were 5, nonstop.

Friday was fun. First was graduation rehearsal. I was supposed to work 11-5 but I didn't have a ride so I called in. Later on, Bridget came over. She came with me to get shoes, I got these cute platform slides that are black. Then we went tanning. Then we got food. Then we smoked and then we drank and it was all fun. yay!

Saturday was graduation. It was nice, and outside. It was cloudy and started to drizzle but it stopped. It was weird knowing that next year, that's me. Graduating. Then I worked 4-10. Ryan came over afterwards. hee. He gave my my birthday present. Matrix action figure, stuffed bear, candy. He says he's getting me more but *shrug* he doesn't have to.

Sunday was MY BIRTHDAY. I was supposed to work but I didn't have to. So I spent the day at my uncle's. Ryan came over later. Later on we went out for a little while and hung out with Sean, Alan, Kaitlyn, and Maura.

Monday I went to the Sunrise mall with Kaitlyn. I got a black skirt and black capris from H&M, a white skirt and dark red tanktop from Aeropostale, underwear from G&G, Playboy flipflops from Baker's, and a Simpsons picture frame that I'm going to put a picture of Ryan and myself in and give to him. Later on, we came home and called up Maura. We hung out and drank.

Tuesday I went to the mall with Whitney and Joe. I got Joe Etnies with my discount. Then I got jeans and three tshirts. I visited Ryan at Tees me, and Whitney and I went to Forever21 and I got a black skirt with white polka dots and a lacy edge. :D

Today Ryan is coming over. <3 I dunno what we're gonna do but I think I'll make him take a walk with me. hee. Tomorrow is beach with my cousin methinks. I start driver's ed soon. and I really don't feel like it. oh well.

I'm almost done sifting through magazines and the crafts. hopefully everything will be organized soon. I should do that in the next few days, my mom is going to be on vacation soon. I need to hang my rope lights and get my new bookcases.

I also need to make more jewelry. and I love Roller Coaster Tycoon.

and look Bethany!! :D

My Best Friend is beffiedoodle
Our 35 common interests are: animals, binary, books, brad pitt, comedy, comics, computers, criminal justice, dane cook, drinking, emo, german, glowsticks, hello kitty, internet, johnny depp, keanu reeves, kissing, languages, logic, math, movies, music, nail polish, ocd, punk, reading, river phoenix, sarcasm, sex, ska, snapple, stuffed animals, summer, ♥
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto
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[29 Jun 2004|05:10pm]
[ mood | wed ]

sean and dina are my spouses <3


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I know I've done this before, but I'm mad bored right now. [21 Jun 2004|11:34pm]
[ mood | bored ]

</td> </td> </td> </td> </td> </td> </td>
>> basics. <<
name.: sarah 
birthday.: june 27 (that's in 6, almost 5, days!)
sexual preference.: straight
eye color.: brown
current hair color.: light brown
natural hair color.: brown
glasses / contacts.: none
braces.: nada
piercings and where.: ears. i want my bellybutton pierced.
tattoos and where.: none.. YET. i want something on my lower back, a star on the inside of my wrist (it must look drawn plz) and something on or around my ankle
left or right handed.: right
what languages do you speak.: english and a little spanish. i want to learn FINNISH, german, icelandic, and japanese
...: yes this is what reminded me that i've done this before
>> crush / significant other. <<
their hair color.: brown with grey hairs
their eye color.: depends on what he's wearing. either blue, green, blue-green, or grey.
favorite thing about their looks.: absolutely everything
favorite thing about their personality.: how we have so much in common, we're far too alike. he's funny and lovable. hee
piercings and where.: he used to have his ear pierced but i think it closed up. I THINK he'd look hott with his lip pierced.
tattoos and where.: he has none. YET.
do you love them.: indeed I do
how did you meet them.: work
when did you meet them.: november 2003
where did you meet them.: pacsun
estimated height.: 5'4" or 5'5"
type of underwear.: boxers
...: yes yes
>> this.or.that <<
love // lust.: love for relationships, lust for celebrities
chocolate // vanilla.: chocolate
fruit // veggies.: fruit
car // truck.: car
snow // sunshine.: sunshine
clouds // rain.: clouds
cat // dog.: ohh. kitties when they're kittens and doggies when they're .. pugs.
summer // winter.: summer
fall // spring.: fall
pepsi // sprite.: pepsi 
cellphone // regular phone.: celtel even tho i don't own one
livejournal // myspace.: ljljljlj<3
internet // phone.: internet! <33333
concert // cd.: concert
fast food // restraunt.: fast food if it's mcdonalds. resturant if it's THE SANTA FE GRILL.
moon // stars.: stars
sun // moon.: moon
...: mhm
>> friends. <<
real friends or online friends.: real friends. :\
how many online only friends do you have.: 5 or 6
where did you meet most of your friends.: most of my real friends i met in school, most of my online friends i met through sean
most random.: umm yeah all of them. OR DINA she's a new friend whosREALLY random.
prettiest [girl].: all :]
hottest [boy].: aw, all again. you silly boiz. :]
boyfriend // girlfriend.: bf; ryanito
have any of your friends died.: no, i'm very lucky
how many.: .0
their favorite music.: anything in the rock genre
how many best friends have you had.: i currently have 3. i've had 7. 10 including my 3 best friends now.
...: ya
>> word association. <<
razor.: emo
guitar.: bart
love.: ryan 
hate.: love? 
sex.: ryan!
car.: soon.
blender.: what's pink and red and moves really fast? a baby in a blender.
taco.: bell<3
bee.: no rain 
glasses.: kewl
jacket.: members only
water.: ocean
board.: surf and skate
beach.: sun
polka.: dots
yellow.: polka dot bikini
brown.: chocolate
pink.: ipod
candy.: starburst
fruit.: peach
...: k
>> have you ever. <<
tried to kill yourself.: no
dressed up as a member of the opposite sex.: yes
played strip poker.: not yet, and that actually suprises me
gone skydiving.: never.
been stung by anything.: yeah
done drugs.: i've smoked.. :D
drank alcohol.: yes yes yes :D
smoked anything.: marijuana.
swallowed anything toxic.: you're toxic, i'm slipping under.
...: kk
>> so sexual. <<
are you a virgin.: no comment
ever had a threesome.: no
do you prefer to give or recieve.: give :D but recieving is nice, as well.
any kinky fetishes.: lol not for a million people to know.
lights on or lights off.: off
fantasies.: uhh i dunno. lol
do you like to be spanked.: ..
do you like to be bitten.: yes<3
do you like to be licked.: yes<3
do you like to be kissed.: yes of COURSE.
how many partners have you had doing anything sexual.: 3 lol.
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[20 Jun 2004|12:34pm]
[ mood | fucking needy. ]

so I'm about to go to work. just decided to make a pointless update about what I want to do and what I want.

I need $125 so I can get a CELTEL. ^__^
I want an ipod mini. either in pink or blue. I can't decide.
umm $150? for clothes?

that is all.
for now.
I've asked for stuff for my bday.

I need to go through my bins of crap and my piles of stuff, decide what I want and don't want, and put anything I do want away properly. I need to make my room pretty. I need to hang up pictures. Then I can take pictures for Roy, haha. ROY MY ROOM WILL LOOK GOOD 2THEMAXX 4U. :D

umm I want to go to Warped Tour b/c of..
Alexisonfire, Boys Night Out, Fall Out Boy, FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES, Matchbook Romance, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, and Underoath
& sort of b/c of..
Avenged Sevenfold, Eighteen Visions, Rufio, Yellowcard (I only like about 2-3 songs of theirs)

bleh. I wanted to go to Ozzfest but it's $100 a ticket now, for the orchestra seats where you shall get killed. poot.

I want to go to Six Flags, Splish Splash, Adventureland, The Central Park Zoo, The Museum of Natural History, and just a day to shop in el city.

okay I must leave for work now. blah. baiz.

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[16 Jun 2004|12:14am]
[ mood | crazy ]

so it's virtually summer. i mean, CLASSES HAVE ENDED.
friday lauren had a rave. ryan and i attended, I had a necklace of plastic star beads. i made an awesome bracelet with neon beads that said "dance" but it broke, I should fix it. i also want to make some more beaded necklaces, friendship bracelet thingies (for myself, rofl) and hemp things. yay.

anyway, lauren's rave was cool. it was really fun, lots of glowsticks courtesy of myself, whitney, and rachel. rope lights from whitney too. lots of techno. bart dancing with a white dust mask and a top hat. more specifically, the macarena. it was a lot of fun and a successful rave. i'll post pictures when i scan them after i get them developed.

saturday was work. after work i got a pair of really nice capris at american eagle on sale! my cousin's 21st birthday party; i attended with kaitlyn. there was maybe 15 people there and we drank, but kaitlyn and i didn't drink much. the real drinking occured at her house..my cousin got us a 6-pack and then we went to her house and drank, then talked to her sister and then went to sleep.

sunday ryan came over, then we went to kaitlyn's with maura, tommi-grace, sean, and alan. we made alan watch killer klowns from outer space. i took pictures of the facial expressions. then we watched the satanic rituals of dracula or something, and took more pictures of alan pretending to jerk off to it.

yesterday i had band lessons with sarah, we cleaned the band room and stuff. formed and army of music stands. then ryan came over and we made elbows a la vodka. we layed around and cuddled in the cool air courtesy of my AC. hehe, he's so cute. annd i love him a lot. anyways. i feel like my room needs more to it, so i'm preparing more pictures for it to look pretty. maybe one day i'll actually post pictures. roy wanted pictures anyway.

today was the english final. lmao. what a joke. first of all i got up earlier than i normally would. what do i do? leave at 11:50. we had to be there ate 11:45. i was walking. i got there at 12. the test started at 11:50. it was crazy fucking easy. i probably did the worst on vocab because i didn't do my ditto but i still feeel confident there too. i also kicked that critical lens essay's ASS, yo.
..then sarah, maura, kaitlyn and i drove to deer park to get ice cream at coldstones. the most amazing ice cream in the world, but my cliché ass got mint mint chocolate chocolate chip. the same kinda ice cream i always get. we left and then had to stop at everyones houses to get bathingsuits to go in kaitlyn's pool. it was cold, i only had my legs in but i'm a pansy. next time i'll actually go in. then maura kaitlyn and i went upstairs after sarah left and played life on the ps2. i kicked kaitlyns ass in the first game then she FINALLY won in the 2nd. i came in 3rd. a first for me. HAR its like a little play on words there.

umm tomorrow is the us history regents and that is going to be so easy because of AP. i'm going to study the constitution incase there is an essay. pray to the nys regents board that there's a thematic essay on the cold war, for me. cuz i love the cold war. then hopefully i see ryan for a little while. he can come over early now that he has no job temporarily. hopefully angelica will give him lots of hours at pacsun again. <3. then to bailey's house for her bizirthday.

i want so many clothes from pacsun, and 2 skirts from american eagle. gah i don't know what to do with myself but there is 12 days until my birthday hopefully i'll just get money again but WTF i'll spend it all on clothes and i need a gameshark 2. OH i got 2 books to read, the hitchiker's guide to the galaxy (also a summer reading book) and smack. yay heroin. due back july 6! the day i start drivers ed! 6 days before babysitting aka making $50 a week and being mr. leech's favorite student.

i can't wait to finish tests. math b regents beware cuz i am totally gonna pwn you! <3 math. OH and i can't wait for graduation.

blahblah this was way longer than i intended, i need a shower and to go through more magazines. and study a little. i will probably only get a shower done. sigh.
i also wanna read.

ps my play list is the playlist to end all playlists

and HIM is actually pretty good for "finnish metal"
i don't really hear a lot of METAL but eh
i like them a little.
gah i wish bam margera wasn't a HIM whore.

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i want to go to a rave [05 Jun 2004|10:56am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

so today was the SAT II's. actually I still should be there right now. 8:30-12:30


ever since I went to the DMV Friday,
I can't find my school ID. it's gone.
so now I have to call and try to schedule the SAT II's for November of next year.
or get a refund.

GAH I hate myself sometimes.

so I got up early and freaked out and went there with my birth certificate and my dad and his drivers license and no go. wtf. fucking sucks. at least the SAT II's aren't as important as the SAT I's. but still, now if we can't get a refund, I'm out $32 because I have to pay my mom back lol.

in other non-depressing news.
my Zelda goal for this summer was started on June 1st. so far I have three pieces of the triforce, the ring, and a new sword. hee! I think I'll play more soon.

I just wish I could've taken the SAT II's.. ;_;

ps this is an good awesome techno song, even though I found out about it through bizarre means (aka sex tape)

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[02 Jun 2004|04:03pm]
[ mood | creative ]

i think i wanna change my layout again.

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[01 Jun 2004|12:00am]
[ mood | calm ]



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the fat boys are back. [29 May 2004|02:54am]
[ mood | happy ]

so life has been interesting

I got a 1190 on the SAT. SAT 2s are next weekend. Biology, Math, Writing. Then SATs again in October.
I'll do better. Hopefully. I'll actually like, study more.

School has been okay, started dissecting a fetal pig. awesome. woo! hung out w/ some people, and Ryan. :D just the usual.

Ryan and I went to Steve's party a few weeks ago. it was funnn I did some things I hadn't done in a while. saw lots of people. LIKE STEPHANIE AND LOUISEA! <3

signed up for driver's ed at this place in north babylon, but the actual place is in dix hills :\ it's from july 6-august 2. mon-thurs 1:30-4:30. I can still do the summer program and babysit for Mr. Leech, and I'll have to work nights, but hopefully days on the weekend. eh, it's only for 4 weeks. that's okay, I'll get a car in the end.

I took my permit test today and got a 100. :D driiivvvinngg for meee.

There's a carnival at the mall. Gonna go tomorrey w/ Ryan and I'm gonna see who wants to go, like Seany, Paul, Alan, etc.

TODAY I got a blue studded belt. it's awesome. it's like. blue. and I got the "Welcome to Las Vegas" belt buckle. and two keychains, a little 1-UP mushroom from mario and a joystick, but the joystick broke I need to return it.


and if I save $125, I'll get a cell phone!

and I've gotten lots of 100s on AP quizzes and a 98 on the term paper so this quarter average will pwn. yay

stayed home Wednesday b/c I felt like shit but I'm feeling a little better

went canoeing for AP bio field trip and it was fun but tiring and kinda annoying. Jess Squeglia fell and omfg it was funny. she wouldn't stop screaming. I was paired up with Matt Quedens b/c Sara sucks at steering our canoe and got us stuck 3 times and then we were backwards and Mr. DiCanio and Mr. Procaccini helped us a while b/c of that it was kinda annoying. BUT entertaining anyway.

I have a goal. By the end of the summer, I must beat Quest 1. I also wouldn't mind beating Quest 2. but Quest 1 is more important.

umm that's all I can think of for now. so I'm gonna go, and watch the Margera's get kicked out of their house on the season one season finale of Viva La Bam (sex)


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[23 May 2004|03:20am]
[ mood | bored ]

wow this is a lot of surveys! i'm so bored.Collapse )

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[21 May 2004|04:58pm]
[ mood | trying to stop hiccupping. ]

i hate hiccupsCollapse )

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[15 May 2004|03:36am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Your Homocidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
Your name:
Weapon of Choice:A broomstick
Your Favorite Target:Retail workers
Your Kill Count:658,080,553
Your Battle Cry:"Moo!"
Years You Spend in Jail:30
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$275,612,800,766,016
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 34%
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

interesting. I am a retail worker. O.o
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[13 May 2004|09:16pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

So a lot has happened I suppose. Since my last real update, I mean.

AP US test wasn't as bad as I had expected. Friday was a very lax day, too. I was testing during periods 1-5, and was excused from period 6 for lunch. then it was band, criminal justice where we had an easy test and then the rest of the period to ourselves, and then band lessons in English. I came home, went to the mall an hour early, hung out with Ryan in the mall, and then we went to work, 5-10. After work, he came over for a little bit.

Saturday, I didn't have to work, and I didn't do much all day. Bridget came over and we went tanning, got food, and then dessert and walked around for a little. We got hit on by kids in a car that looked like they were 12. We came back to my house and played two exciting games of cranium, then went to sleep.

Sunday I worked 12:30-3:30, came home and spent some time with my mom, sister, and my sister's gf. Then they left and my mom went to Bobby's house for dinner, and Ryan came over.

MONDAY! was my AP bio test which was remotely difficult. Actually it was pretty difficult, I don't remember learning a good portion of the stuff on the test, or seeing it in the textbook. Or whatever. eh. so I got out of 6th period again, and then it was band, criminal justice, and free reading in english.. another lax day.

Tuesday wasn't so bad either, we had free periods in bio basically, as a break from the AP exam, and watched the first 15 min of the last episode of Friends. watched a movie and answered questions on the cold war in AP US, prepared for the test in math, and then another easy day I guess. Wednesday was the rest of Friends in bio, walking outside in the sweltering heat in gym, more movie in AP, test in math, and last reading quiz in English.
The Ryan came over and we ordered Italian food and watched tv and I love spending time with him.
I watched the 50 most awsomely bad songs. BIG MISTAKE ON THEIR PART, 1/2 those songs PWN. like we didn't start the fire. two princes. THE FINAL. FUCKING. COUNTDOWN. rotting squirell is gonna cover it and i get to play the synth line on my keyboard cuz i can.
and squirell fest is on.. GREG'S BACKYARD AHOY. i'll be there to tape/play the final countdown. i'll be sure i don't work during the event.

Today was nice, finished a lab in bio, hung out with Mr. Leech for most of 3rd period since I showed him this hysterical picture and did my math hw. more cold war movie and vocab quiz i got a 70 on because I can't remember the words that go to the definitions without a word bank, dammit. I'll do better on the next 12312 that we have, cuz it's easy. 97 on the math test, and slept in criminal justice while we watched a movie. I didn't mean to fall asleep, but I did. eh. and jazz band was tonight, that was entertaining.

tomorrow I'll be able to get my SAT score online. ehhhh. I also get to work, 6-10. hmm what else. during the summer, Mr. Leech asked me to babysit Chris and Ryan at the school while he teaches the summer music thing so I said sure, and though I feel bad, I'll be getting paid, but it's like discount b/c he's my fave teacher. OH and AP chem is officially 4th and 5th, Mr. Kenney told me so.YAYAYAY AP CHEM NEXT YEAR YAYAYAY. ahem, anyway. ap gov is still up in the air as of late. I'm also going to take private driver's ed courses this summer, I can schedule them as often as I want, so i'll fit it all in between babysitting 9-12 on weekdays, mon-fri for 6 weeks and working whenever. this summer is gonna be awesome b/c i'll be able to drive since when I get my license, I'm getting my uncle's car, and I'll have birthday money and money from work and babysitting. wow. it's okay because I want a lot of stuff too :\ i should make something resembling a birthday list, I guess. and I ACTUALLY DID MY HW yay for me. and i'm helping down at the support request board for LJ. gettin mad points. they will probably get me no where unless they reintroduce invitation codes :\


k this was way longer than intended. sry bout that.

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commento this plz [11 May 2004|07:51pm]
[ mood | good ]

two for one.

survey about yours trulyCollapse )


1. Who are you?

2. Are we friends?

3. When and how did we meet?

4. Do you have a crush on me?

5. Would you kiss me?

6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.

7. Describe me in one word.

8. What was your first impression?

9. Do you still think that way about me now?

10. What reminds you of me?

11. If you could give me anything what would it be?

12. How well do you know me?

13. When's the last time you saw me?

14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?

15. Are you going to put this on your LiveJournal and see what I say about you?

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[10 May 2004|01:10am]
[ mood | LOVE. ]

i should be sleeping.Collapse )

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[08 May 2004|05:29pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

it's sofuckingcool when people take something of yours and don't give it back to you no matter how many times you ask.

YEAH I love it.

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[08 May 2004|02:49am]
[ mood | loved ]

survey I stole from SeanyCollapse )

god I love Ryan soo much :)

I wanna go shopping again :\
AND I have strawberries. yum

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